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For Hire

I'm a freelancer. I polish resumes, I do a little website work and I do some writing.

Resume Work

Send me the resume that you need polished and any additional info via my doreenmicheletraylor gmail address. I will usually get it back to you within a week.
  • I need a copy of your current resume. Sharing via Google Drive works well. (Do not send me a PDF. They cannot be edited.)
  • I need an idea of who you are, where you are coming from and where you hope to go. This is often accomplished with 2-3 paragraphs about yourself and 1-3 links to representative job adverts.
  • I charge $50/page. And I get paid up front.
    • PayPal
    • Venmo: @Doreen-Traylor
    Please make a note on your payment stating what this is for, such as Resume work for (your name).

Related Ad Hoc Services

I have also been paid to provide related services, such as:
  • Editing a list of KSAs for a federal job search to have more verbiage to work with in filling out the application.
  • Review your Linked In account and give you feedback on it.

I have a Certificate in GIS and I spend a lot of time on Hacker News, so a lot of the resume work I do is for folks with technical careers. However, I also worked at Aflac for a few years, so I have corporate experience and know something about things like HIPAA.

Resume Portfolio

Website Work

I have done a bit of website work for a local non-profit. I've also run my own websites for years, so I have some experience with HTML, CSS, design principles and content development. My job at Aflac exposed me to the award winning work of their in-house publisher Communicorp, which was a growth experience in terms of developing my eye for good design.

I have some experience with Word Press and I used to hand-code my sites in HTML and CSS. I currently mostly work with BlogSpot, where my knowledge of HTML and CSS comes in handy.

Here's a bit more info if you are interested in hiring me to do Website Work.


I'm open to being hired for other assignments, such as writing assignments. I don't have a price list. Feel free to submit a proposal for the project you have in mind.

Most of the paid writing I do is through a service. As such, it is all covered by an NDA. But here are a few writing samples

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