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For a time, I was the webmaster for Our Aberdeen, a local nonprofit.

I took over their existing sites and moved both and the Healing Gallery site from Word Press to BlogSpot. I also created Aberdeen Art And Music from three of their older art sites..

Prices and Services

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You can add custom domain names on BlogSpot. If you want a custom domain name for the site, I can add the custom domain name to your site for $50 if I have all the login information from both your BlogSpot site and your domain name host.

I am not willing to buy the domain name for you and be the holder of the domain name. You will have to set up a domain name host. I highly recommend you go with NameCheap. They have reasonable prices and a nice admin panel.

So you need to buy the domain name yourself under your own domain name host, though I can help with that if we are meeting in person.

I can do other stuff on an ad hoc basis. Please don't hesitate to send me a proposal for something you think I'm qualified to do that isn't explicitly listed here.

Online, I take PayPal. I can also accept Venmo (@Doreen-Traylor). In person, I can take cash or check.

I have run my own websites for more than 15 years, including all design work and content development. I've also done paid website content writing for more than eight years.

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A Lean, (Ever)Green Machine: Website Tips for Small Shops

I've been making little websites to serve up information on various topics for close to two decades. I'm basically a one-woman shop, so my websites have to be lean, evergreen, low cost and low maintenance to make any sense at all.

I currently live in a small town and I sometimes attend public meetings where people are enamored of shiny tech but don't know how to use it. They get all envious of projects and talk in glowing terms about "Wouldn't it be GREAT if we did something like that?!" and I bite my tongue and don't say "You have no idea what on earth you are talking about. You have neither the resources nor the expertise to do a project like that."

Those experiences inspired me to write this post. I would love to help people in the small town where I live to establish an effective web presence, but I really am going to need to do a lot of educating if that is ever going to happen.

Most locals have no idea how to make a website that…

Me. Woodward Park, Fresno, CA. January 2016.

My favorite pic of me that's sort of recent-ish. (No, you aren't lost. As of June 1, 2020, redirects here.)

Actionable Content Marketing Tips

This is a TLDR of Content Marketing Tips from Experts at First Round Capital and A16Z (found via HN). The original podcast meanders a lot, which makes it hard to extract actionable tidbits from it. Some pieces of this TLDR are direct quotes. Others are paraphrased. I have made no effort to indicate which is which.

First, how do you measure the effectiveness of your content?

This is not a solved problem. But, there are some obvious measures you can look for, like page views and time on site. However, you really need to look for a metric that ties it to goals. Ask yourself what are we trying to measure and why? How does it fit our strategy and our goal? Stronger measures than page views are time on site, engagement and uptake.

And so, to make that more specific, what is a good (metric)?

What is the amount of length that you actually need to convey the point? It’s more about information density to me, like how many insights are you conveying? Are you really packing it in, or are you…