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Website Work

For a time, I was the webmaster for Our Aberdeen, a local nonprofit.

I took over their existing sites and moved both and the Healing Gallery site from Word Press to BlogSpot. I also created Aberdeen Art And Music from three of their older art sites.

Prices and Services

I have been seriously undercharging, in part because I was doing stuff for a local non-profit and in part because while selling Word Press related services has a well-developed ecosystem, Blogspot does not appear to have a similar ecosystem. It seems to not be taken as seriously as Word Press, even though it is a vastly better product. (Yes, I have worked with both and abandoned Word Press for Blogspot.)

I'm still not sure what I should be charging, but I will be charging more than the prices listed below for things I did in the past.

Related Services

You can add custom domain names on BlogSpot. If you want a custom domain name for the site, I can add the custom domain name to your site. I did this for someone locally for $50. I would need to have all the login information from both your BlogSpot site and your domain name host to do this for you.

I am not willing to buy the domain name for you and be the holder of the domain name. I did that once and it's not something I want to repeat. So you will have to set up a domain name host. I highly recommend you go with NameCheap. They have reasonable prices and a nice admin panel.

So you need to buy the domain name yourself under your own domain name host, though I may be able to help with that and have done so in the past at an in-person on-site meeting.

I can do other stuff on an ad hoc basis. Please don't hesitate to send me a proposal for something you think I'm qualified to do that isn't explicitly listed here.

Online, I take PayPal. I can also accept Venmo (@Doreen-Traylor). In person, I can take cash or check.

I have run my own websites for more than 15 years, including all design work and content development. I've also done paid website content writing for more than eight years.

Page last updated October 11, 2020.

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