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My Reddits

Before I was a blogger, I was a talented moderator on a homeschooling list. This year, I have kind of taken that back up again via Reddit. This is my current list of Reddits (yes, I sort of randomly added some spaces to the List to make it matchup some with the image on my laptop): r/ClothingStartups r/GigWorks r/CitizenPlanners r/aberdeenwa r/UrbanForestry r/Seward r/HousingWorks r/pocketputer r/frenchwardrobe r/Walkable r/CoastalWA r/HealthWorks r/Knits r/SolanoRail r/NorthToAlaska r/NorthToAlsaska r/Relo r/TheCrescent I created Urban Forestry just days ago and until today it had one member, me. I announced it on r/UrbanPlanning today and it was up to 27 members as I began this post, which makes it larger than about three-quarters of the Reddits I own. I am not even done with putting this post together and that figure is already out of date. It's continuing to pick up members owing to t