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Fourteen Comments

Comments to date by me with more than 100 karma on HN. 1. 188 points I have an incurable condition and spent about 3.5 months bedridden before finally getting a proper diagnosis. My condition has a significant respiratory component. While bedridden, I hallucinated wordless conversations with the Grim Reaper... 2. 169 points Why is there not more focus on the police investigation. Why did they police decide not to press charges? If our police forces are failing to press charges against rapists, shouldn't that be a big priority to change? I'm a woman. I have been raped. I also have two adult sons. So, here are some issues as I see it:... 3. 165 points It was probably so successful precisely because it was seeing the world through the eyes of a 50 year old Japanese biker with the face people expect in influencers... 4. 155 points I've studied social/psychological stuff, spent a lot of years suicidal and spent a number of years homeless which was incred

The Apollo 13 Model of Website Development

I've done little websites of various sorts for around twenty years or so. Some years after I began doing little websites on various topics, I watched the 1995 docudrama Apollo 13 about the real world incident . The movie shows how the people on the ground were able to help save the lives of the astronauts and get them home again by providing useful information, researching how to solve the problems they had and so forth even though they could share no physical sources. They could only share information with the astronauts. To me, that was a powerful mental model for how to relate effectively to website work. I guess I had always been doing that -- or trying to do that -- but the movie gave me some means to clarify what was already sort of a half-baked idea. I had always seen websites as a means to "do" something real, not just a way to share memes for lols or something like that. When I took a class on Homelessness and Public Policy through SFSU while living in F

About twenty years to write and about four minutes to read.

For years and years, I had too little in my Amazon account to qualify for a payout. Fifty cents here and ten cents there just was not adding up to the minimum payout threshold. I got my first very small payout a few months back. It seemed likely to me that it was a consequence of Project Bike Rack adding enough money to my balance to put me over the payout threshold. I also had the impression that the bike racks I was seeing in town and not entirely happy with were not living up to my vision in part because probably someone had bought whatever was readily available through Amazon and I suspected it was likely they did so in part to find some means to kick a few bucks my way. It's generally easier to get money out of people by directing them to affiliate links than by some other means, so you get a lot of garbage websites doing fake "reviews" that are really thinly disguised ads because that's a means to make money online. Clearly, I need to eat but I don&#