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First Drafts Almost Always Suck

Yesterday, I wrote a short post about Eating Cleaner. The first draft had a completely different title -- Eating Less Meat -- and I was having enormous difficulty trying to write it. One of the things that makes my first drafts suck is they often contain a brain dump of a lot of my fears of what could go sideways. So instead of making my point -- in this case about a simple rule of thumb for eating cleaner, which is to eat less meat (and dairy) -- I get bogged down in trying to figure out how to address a raftload of boogeymen, in this case about political stuff related to veganism, essentially. Years ago, I read the book Diet for a Small Planet . It's an excellent book about vegetarianism but only about half of it is recipes. The first half makes a strong case for why and how first-world bad habits, including meat-centered diets, foster starvation elsewhere. It's been a lot of years since I read it but my recollection is that there are a number of things that go on root

Paring down some things

I've recently taken several of my blogs offline. As is often the case, I don't yet know exactly why that is or where I am going from here. My health is better than it's been and my thinking is clearer. One valid interpretation: I need to consolidate my writing onto fewer blogs and spread myself less thin and I have a clearer idea of where I am going with this stuff. Several of the blogs I took offline were health related blogs. One valid interpretation: I've tried various approaches to writing about the topic and found that some approaches simply don't work. Another valid interpretation: Writing about health topics is a waste of my time. It's more downside than up and something I would kind of like to abandon. Some months ago, I rewatched The Saint . It has a plot similar to Chain Reaction -- someone invents clean, unlimited energy and people want to prevent it from being given away for free -- only the inventor is a woman with a serious health defect