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Effective Written Communication is Harder Than Most People Appreciate.

One of the problems plaguing the internet is a failure to effectively communicate. When people leave comments online, a lot of them write similar to how they talk and this tends to go astray. When you talk to people in person, there are a great many contextual cues that help inform the interpretation of your words. In online written communication, people often mostly have your actual words and those words need to be a great deal more precise and detailed to have any hope of being good communication. If you use a lot of sarcasm, irony or similar and tend to rely on voice tone to convey your actual intent, you may run into a lot of unexpected drama online. You may need to actively work at using some means to convey your real intent or ditch those habits. Even seemingly very simple things can go wildly astray when you move from talking to local people who know you well in person to talking to mere acquaintances or strangers. If I write "sodas" on my grocery list, I and relati