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I'm a former military wife and homeschooling mom who spends an excessive amount of time on Hacker News.

Due to my unfortunate choice of gender while signing into this crap world, Hacker News seems to be of no real benefit to me, but I do have the distinction of apparently being the only woman openly female member to waste enough time on that site to join the vaunted Leaderboard. In addition to pissing my life away on Hacker News, I can be found wasting my time on Reddit and Twitter.

As an early 36th birthday present from the universe, in May of 2001 I was diagnosed with a mild variation of a very serious and deadly genetic disorder. Getting a better name for my condition than hypochondriac was very empowering and I've been getting healthier ever since, but I will probably never really be well and I will never have a "normal" life.

Thanks to my medical situation, I have been trying to eke out a living as a writer for a lot of years, including doing a lot of pointless blogging on various sites where most posts get well under 100 page views.

I began this exercise in frustration while homeless perma-camping for my health for some years. After getting myself back into housing on my own efforts, I made the egregious mistake of trying to "get involved" locally on the fantasy that the town might appreciate my educational backgound and yadda from my previous career goal of doing something urban planning related.

Yeah, no. I was not appreciated.

I am currently doing the same stupid shit I've done every day for however many years: Trying to figure out how to take over the world pay my damn bills and quit being so fucking poor.

  • I was Director of Community Life* for The TAG Project during a time when they were trying to become an officially incorporated non-profit, an effort they later abandoned.
  • I am ethnically German/Irish/Cherokee plus culturally from the Deep South and a former Military dependent, so I never quite fit in anywhere.**
  • I spent a few years as a divorced single mom processing accident claims at the insurance giant Aflac.
  • I've been interviewed via phone or email a few times over the years and quoted in a few books and articles.
  • In spite of being American, I have been car free for over a decade. Yeah, I'm a RADICAL. Or, you know, HANDICAPPED. Fucking pick one.


* Director of Community Life means I was a board member, the lead moderator for ALL of their email lists and in charge of diversity initiatives. I'm sure you desperately wanted to know. So there it is. (Also: I was the youngest board member too. Just sayin.)

** Also: Dad was a Hoosier. Terre Haute, Indiana has got to be one of the most boring places on the planet. Thank god, I've only seen it twice that I can recall.***

*** Yes, god with a little "g." That was intentional and not a typo. No disrespect intended. I am not Christian. If I were talking about your God, I would capitalize it. In fact, I just did.

July 26, 2022.

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