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Writing to Hit the Front Page of HN

I've had this open all night in my browser: Show HN: I created a writing course specifically for HN I've started multiple replies and not posted any of them. I don't think I can say anything that doesn't sound like a poison pen piece. Here is my latest draft, which I decided to post here instead of there even though the guy currently has no feedback and I would like to "be nice" and give him feedback, but I'm sure this is nothing he wants to hear: This is apparently your biggest success and at first glance looks like the earliest big success: Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself( It's from three years ago and has 1767 points. So tip one: First, be someone who worked at a FAANG company at one time in a technical position. That's not something a *writing course* will give you. I've made the front page plenty with my own writing, though nothing as successful as that post of yours. I write for pa